Enjoy cheap Internet browsing in Haryana with new Tata Docomo CDMA Mobile Internet Packs

Isn’t it great to have more usage and extra validity in your prepaid mobile internet pack? Get ready to enjoy affordable internet usage with latest Tata Docomo CDMA Mobile Internet Packs in Haryana.

Tata Docomo has triggered a sort of price war in CDMA data segment with its new mobile internet packs for the prepaid CDMA customers in Haryana circle.


Highlights of new CDMA mobile internet packs

  • Cheap rates of internet usage as compared with GPRS packs of other GSM operators
  • Mobile Internet access up to 155kbps CDMA 1x network

New Internet Packs

New Internet Packs launched by Tata Docomo are as follows.

  • 1 GB Data usage with 7 days validity at Rs.26
  • 4 GB Data usage with 28 days validity at Rs.69
  • 6 GB Data usage with 56 days validity at Rs.115

Revised Internet Packs

In addition to the new internet packs, Tata Docomo has also revised some of its older internet packs.

  • 100MB data usage in place of 50MB with Rs.5/day pack
  • 1GB data usage in place of 2GB with Rs.48 pack
  • 4GB data usage in place of 6GB with Rs 95 pack

Tata Docomo CIMO & Walky Customer can avail the following Mobile Internet Plans.

Monthly Rental (Rs.)









Free Data Usage

100 MB

500 MB


1 GB





Offer Validity (Days)

Till Midnight



7 Days

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

6 Weeks

8 Weeks

Post Free Data Usage Charges









Major features of Tata Docomo CIMO & Walky Plans

  • CIMO 1X customers can avail Mobile Browsing and mobile tethering benefits
  • CIMO 3X/HSIA/EVDO/OMH customers can avail only Mobile Browsing benefits
  • Rs 15 internet pack will be charged as Rs 12 pack with EVD recharge
  • Download speed up to 155 Kbps
  • Internet packs are valid for users of Tata CDMA handset and Open Market Handset
  • Internet Tethering is applicable for 1X network only
  • The charges with EV-DO are applied at the rate of 10p/10KB
  • Tata Docomo Walky users can also avail these Internet packs

Things to note

As of now, the Tata Docomo EV-DO coverage is available only in Panipat region of Haryana and others regions of Haryana have 1X network.

Online Recharge via Net Banking

Online banking or Net Banking refers to the financial transactions conducted by customers on a secure website operated by bank, credit union or building society. Online Recharge via Internet banking offers wide array of benefits for customers as well as companies. The extended reach of the internet in the remote villages of country has enhanced the accessibility of the internet to the villages and they can now enjoy online recharge via netbanking.

There has been increase in the number of prepaid customers using Online recharge facility via Netbanking. This feature has changed the way people recharge prepaid account in India. It has render life easier and stress free.

Some of the benefits offered by Online recharge via Net Banking are as follows:

(1) Easy to use: Online recharge via Net Banking facility is quite easy to use. Customer only needs to know the process of using Netbanking for making payments. Consumer should know how to use internet for accessing the bank site and login to online bank account using secure ID and Password provided by the bank. Consumers can avail the netbanking facility by submitting a simple form at the bank branch or any outlet along with photo and signature for verification. Customer has to remember username and password for login to the site. Customers can find the detailed guidelines on the websites of the bank for doing Online Recharge via netbanking.

(2) Cost Effective: Online Recharge via Netbanking is cost effective for customers and the companies. Companies are required to employ less staff and keep fewer customer care offices as there is very less involvement in this process by salaried employees. It greatly reduces the work load of companies. Customers make savings in terms of time and money spent on going to dealers or withdrawing money from Bank or ATM, etc.

(3) Instant Recharge: Online Recharge via Netbanking allows the customers to do instant recharge using netbanking. Moreover, customers will also receive confirmation status of their recharge over the phone via SMS or by email. Thus, one can recharge their prepaid account by sitting comfortably in home with few clicks on PC or laptop.

(4) Choose desired denomination for recharge: Online recharge via netbanking allows the customers to select their desired denomination for recharge from lowest possible amount to highest permissible amount as allowed by the companies.

(5) Secure and Safe: Netbanking feature comes packed with efficient security measures for ensuring the maximum safety of customer account and its transactions. It includes encryption codes and firewalls for effective protection against suspicious attacks.

(5) Easy monitoring: Online Recharge via Netbanking allows the customer to easily monitor their account balance before recharging their account. Customer can easily monitor all the transactions and check their status.

(6) Account reconciliation: Online Recharge via Netbanking enables the customers to reconcile their account balance by using monthly statements. Consumers can easily download their bank account information into Microsoft Money for easy reconciliation of account with few mouse clicks. The online data capture also makes it easy for tracking the money movement.