Top 5 ways of Online Recharge

Online Recharge has made the lives of the people easier and comfortable. It helps prepaid cell proprietors to encounter any adverse situations arising out of lack of sufficient prepaid balance in their account. Customers can enjoy the benefits of doing anytime and everywhere online recharge by clicking few buttons on mouse. Online Recharge provides an ideal platform for the customers to recharge their prepaid mobile account, Dth account, etc; from the comfort of their homes simply by carrying the transactions over the internet.

Top 5 ways of Online Recharge are as follows:

Using Net banking: Online Recharge via Net banking allows the customers to do instant recharge using net banking. Consumer should know how to use internet for accessing the bank site and login to online bank account using secure ID and Password provided by the bank. Consumers can avail the net banking facility by submitting a simple form at the bank branch or any outlet along with photo and signature for verification. Customer has to remember username and password for login to the site.

Using Debit Card: Online recharge via Debit Card is highly popular among debit cards holders. It is very convenient option as it does not requires user to remember login ID and Password unlike Net banking. Consumers are required to enter details such as Visa Debit card number, expiration date and 3 digits security code located next to the debit card number on the back of the card. It allows instant recharge facility with balance gets debited and reflected in account immediately.

Using Credit Card : Customers can also use credit cards online for recharging their account online. Credit cards allow the consumers to recharge account online by maintaining a continuing balance of debt which is subject to interest being charged.

Consumers are required to enter details such as Visa credit card number, expiration date and 3 digits security code located next to the credit card number on the back of the card.

Company website: The best way of doing online recharge is doing it via company’s website. Online Recharge facility is being provided by many companies as a value added service for the customers. Companies have made the lives easier and simpler for the prepaid consumers as they can do online recharge of prepaid account with small as well as highest possible amount.

Consumers may need to register their account with company site. After registration they should logged in with their ID and password. Some companies offer facility of doing online recharge instantly without any need of registration.

Online Recharge Services : There are many popular online services available over the internet for recharging prepaid accounts of customers. Customers can recharge their prepaid mobile phone or Dth account via doing online transaction through these online services such as Freecharge, PayTm, JustRechargeIt, Rechargeitnow, MobiKwik, etc.

Some of these online services are highly sophisticated with their own payment gateways for carrying online transactions. Some services are packed with nice User interface where consumers can search for offers, compare plans, do mobile recharges including top ups and offers, bonus pack, SMS packs, internet recharge, etc. Most of these online services provide mobile recharging facilities for all the mobile operators.