Online recharge via Credit Card

A Credit card is a small plastic card that is issued to bank customers for using it for the purpose of making payments. It enables the card holder to purchase goods and services on the basis of card holder’s promise that he/she will repay the amount back within specified number of days. A credit card is different from debit card which requires balance in the account for doing recharge or making payments. In contrast, credit cards allow the consumers to recharge account online by a continuing balance of debt which is subject to interest being charged.

Steps for Online recharge via Credit Card

· You should ensure that the site is genuine and secure before making any payments online. With the advent of HTTPS and SSL technologies, online transactions have become safer and secure than ever before.

· As a card holder, you need to select the amount of recharge and select the option for payment via Credit card on the company website.

· After selecting Credit Card as a payment option, you should see the options which ask for your credit card number and expiration date. You should complete these fields with correct and accurate details. The Credit card number is printed on both sides of the card and expiration date is located below that number.

· You should enter the security code in the “Security Code” field. This option is not available for all the sites however some sites may ask for it. It is a three-digit number next to the credit card number on the back of the card.

· After entering and verifying all the required details, you can press the “Submit” button. In some cases, you would be asked to confirm your information. You can confirm the details of your transaction and click “Submit” to process your card.

· You should note down the confirmation number provided by the site after the processing of your credit card.

Benefits of Online Recharge via Credit Card

(1) Secure and Safe: Credit Card transaction over the internet are secure with efficient security measures for ensuring the maximum safety of customer account and its transactions. It includes encryption codes and firewalls for effective protection against suspicious attacks.

(2) Instant Recharge: Online Recharge via Credit Card allows the customer to do instant recharge using his/her Credit card. Moreover, customers will also receive confirmation status of their recharge over the phone via SMS or by email. Thus, one can recharge their prepaid account by sitting comfortably in home with few clicks on PC or laptop.

(3) Easy to use: Online recharge via Credit Card is quite easy to use. Customers are not required to remember any login ID or password. They can complete the entire transaction by submitting the details mentioned on the Credit card such as Credit card Number, expiration date and 3 digits security code. Customers can also find the detailed guidelines on the websites of the bank for doing Online Recharge via Credit card.

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