Airtel Prepaid Data Card Online Recharge

Airtel Data card is basically meant for providing uninterrupted internet access at high speed to the users. It is a PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) card that can be inserted in PCMCIA Slot of laptop. It functions on GPRS/EDGE and allows anytime and anywhere connectivity via Internet wirelessly.

The Airtel Data Card is EDGE and GPRS enabled and comes packed with SIM card features that allow consumers to send and receive SMS. Airtel Data Card has faster speed than a GPRS connection. Airtel Data Card is also compatible with Windows 2000/XP/XP Tablet/XP Pro & Mac operating systems.

How to do Airtel Data Card Prepaid Online Recharge

Customers can do Online Recharge of their Airtel Prepaid Data Card by using mChek application.

Register for using mChek on airtel

Customers are required to get registered to mChek by using the PIN sent via SMS to customer.

Alternatively, customer can also register through below mentioned ways for registering on mChek and start transacting.

• Calling 543219 (toll free) and linking credit card to register

• Visiting and selecting recharge prepaid link or Pay Bills link

• Dialling 121 and selecting the payments section

Airtel Online recharge via mChek on airtel

Customer needs to visit and select recharge prepaid link. Customer has to submit details like airtel Data Card prepaid number that needs to be recharged and then click on Proceed. Customer will be prompted to enter his/her mChek PIN. After submitting the mChek PIN, prepaid recharge is done by using payment mode selected by customer.

Payment Options

Debit Card: In case of payment via Debit Cards, customer is transferred to the relevant bank website where he/she is required to submit details of Debit card like number, expiration date and CV number.

Net Banking : In case of payment via Internet Banking, customer is transferred to the relevant bank website where he/she is required to submit Internet Banking login and password.

Credit Card : In case of Credit Cards, customers are transferred to a secure payment gateway where they need to submit their Credit Card details. The payment gateway carries the authentication of transaction.

Airtel Data Card Online Recharge Features

· Customers will get High speed 24/7 Internet connectivity via Airtel EDGE network

· Uninterrupted internet connection unlike normal dial-up connections.

· National Roaming available while travelling in India or abroad

· Very easy to install & use with wide range of choice of tariffs

· Customers can send and Receive SMS through Airtel Data Card

· Technical Call Centre Support

· Data Card is customized for Airtel GPRS/EDGE usage

· Customer can use it in all cities where Airtel has GPRS/EDGE coverage

· 2 years warranty

· Customer can learn to use it easily with Quick Start Guide

Airtel Data Card Online Recharge Offer

• Rs 49 Denomination does not offer any free usage and cost 0.10p per 10 KB with 1 month validity

• Rs 350 Denomination offers free usage of 500 MB and 1 month validity

• Rs 599 Denomination offers free usage of 1 GB, 1 month validity and 100 free SMS

• Rs 999 Denomination offers unlimited usage, 1 month validity and 100 free SMS

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